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Supporting the industry to lower risk, reduce costs and protect the environment.

Sentinel Subsea specialises in providing advanced passive integrity monitoring solutions for subsea infrastructure and equipment.

Operating assets in a marine environment can often be complex and challenging. With transformative passive technologies, Sentinel Subsea delivers continuous subsea monitoring and leak detection solutions that lower risk, reduce costs and protect the environment.

Led by a team of industry experts, Sentinel Subsea was established with a fundamental philosophy - to remove the complexity from monitoring subsea assets. Our easy to deploy passive systems are designed to operate without the need for active power subsea, routine system checks or data communication to the surface.

Developed in collaboration with the key industry stakeholders, Sentinel Subsea’s proprietary technology was created with the aim to support the energy industry and its commitment to cost-efficient, environmental stewardship.

WellSentinel™ - passive well integrity monitoring

Innovative passive technology designed to continuously monitor the integrity of subsea wells, wellheads and Xmas trees.

Sentinel Subsea’s passive well technology continuously monitors the integrity of subsea wells and repurposed carbon capture sites. WellSentinel™ offers a proven method of long-term remote well monitoring and leak detection while reducing risk and removing complexity. Once deployed, our systems rapidly identify any unwanted loss of containment (LoC) and transmit an alert signal via iridium satellite.

The system provides the owners of subsea assets with the opportunity to demonstrate a real commitment to minimising the risk of any unforeseen leaks and protecting against environmental impact.

Our suite of technologies can be applied across all stages of the well lifecycle, detecting leaks at any stage from exploration, development, production, late-life, decommissioning and re-use (carbon capture & storage).

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Reduce costs

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The team

With over a hundred years’ experience, our expertise lies in the development, launch and deployment of subsea well technology product lines.

“We founded Sentinel Subsea because we truly believe we have developed a transformational technology that provides reliable and continuous real time asset integrity assurance. At the same time the technology reduces the cost of current monitoring techniques and massively reduces the carbon footprint associated with existing methods.”

Neil Gordon

Sentinel CEO


Sentinel Subsea continues international growth with contract wins worth seven figures
Sentinel Subsea continues international growth with contract wins worth seven figures

Passive well integrity monitoring specialists, Sentinel Subsea, has announced further international expansion

Meet Márcio!
Meet Márcio!

Using his experience in the subsea sector, Márcio supports our missions of deploying systems globally and is

Sentinel Subsea triumphs at 2023 OAA's
Sentinel Subsea triumphs at 2023 OAA's

Sentinel Subsea, the passive well integrity monitoring specialist, has been crowned the winner of the Innovator

Sentinel Subsea announces Americas success
Sentinel Subsea announces Americas success

Sentinel Subsea, specialists in passive subsea integrity monitoring, has successfully deployed multiple of its